CORONA VIRUS UPDATE. To follow government guidelines we have split to a two shift basis. This does mean that we have a reduced number of staff working at any one time. We are experiencing high volumes of orders and calls. Our team are working to the best of their capabilities to ensure that orders are met and dispatched as quickly as possible. If you order is for Guardian we are working outside our normal next day delivery but hope to have your product delivered within 3 working days.

  • Proline BM 2x5L (Rotary brush machine)

    £38.00 +VAT
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  • Optic Cleaner 1x1L

    £5.25 +VAT
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  • Manual Glasswash Detergent 1x5L

    £14.80 +VAT
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  • Polycarb Glasswash Combi Pack 2x5L

    £39.20 +VAT
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  • Quash Sponge x 6

    £15.36 +VAT
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  • Quash 1L

    Quash® Glass Pre-treatment System – Concentrate Refill

    £7.99 +VAT
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  • Polycarb Glasswash Detergent 2x5L

    £28.70 +VAT
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  • KrystalKlear

    Krystal Klear Glasswash Rinse Aid 2x5L

    £30.25 +VAT
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